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What is the 100?
“The 100” is a new concept product line, each item is an exact replica of a man, in fact 100 men!
This enjoyable line is to be played with in the bedroom, we offer uniquely shaped bendable dildos that can be strapped on or off (smaller models do not bend).

Our collection has varied sizes, shapes, curvatures, thicknesses, lengths with many interesting characteristics and special features. Our patent pending harness, The Grip, can be easily attached to all 100 models, our harness system is belt free (but we send you one just incase).

Our team has worked diligently to deliver you a plethora of options for your delightful pleasures – options that are beyond your wildest dreams. Scroll through our categories and view our mass of shapes and sizes.

If you have been searching for a certain size of man, we have him.
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